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Illustration for Hacker Monthly #4

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #4
Hacker Monthly issue 4 is out. Cheng Soon Lim, the editor, suggested to illustrate an article by Tom Moertel called "A Coder's Guide to Coffee." He gave me images of latte coffee art and the idea to have something that represents "coder" drawn on it.

For those of you who aren't hackers and don't get it, the figure I chose was the Hacker's Emblem:

(Yes, it's not exactly coder, but every coder is a hacker by nature)

I had a hard time thinking on how to illustrate it. Since it's latte art, doing a comic-style, inked illustration wouldn't cut it, so I went for a realistic, painterly style. I didn't have coffee at hand (I don't drink coffee), just tea, so I made a cup, took my Acer Aspire One netbook and shot several compositions.

I left the latte art for later, so it dawned on me too late I should have used milk! (Latte coffee? Hellooo?) My reference was a dark transparent tea, while the latte is opaque milk with coffee. I couldn't take another picture since light has already changed. Finding the right hues for it was a challenge, since color is always relative. I examined many pictures of latte art to see how it mixed and blurred when drawn. I wanted to emulate its behavior the best I could.

Finally, Cheng Soon loved it so much, he put it on the cover of the magazine. That's absolutely awesome.

Hacker Monthly #4 cover

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