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Illustration for Hacker Monthly #3

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #3
Here's my illustration for the third issue of Hacker Monthly magazine. The article was "How to Become a Millionaire in Three Years" written by Jason L. Baptiste.

After Cheng Soon (the editor) tells me which article to illustrate I read it to understand the core idea, the author's intention and the article's essence. I then send him some drafts with comments to get his feedback. We both liked the line graph idea, and I made a second draft with a 3D one for more visual dynamism.

While working on the final art I found out the 3D line graph wasn't really working, it was too empty for a full page. Using Google Sketchup I made a bar graph as steps and that worked better. The little guy was made bigger. I removed the years labels as the author didn't mean a fixed three-year span. I also removed the money labels, but Cheng Soon asked to have them in.
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