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Illustration for Hacker Monthly #19

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #19
My illustration made the cover of Hacker Monthly #19, woo! The illustrated article is "An iOS Developer takes on Android" by Nick Farina. As always, I sent drafts to Cheng Soon Lim and he immediately chose the developer examining the huge android.

My brother helped me as the model. He suggested the looking-back-pose and I told him, "No, you're supposed to be back against the iPhone, ignoring it." Later, while looking at the shots, I realized it was a very good idea. It's like the developer felt some guilt and looked back to the iPhone. Also, this interaction integrates the iPhone in the illustration.

Cheng Soon Lim loved it and put it on the cover. Nick Farina (the article's author) put it as his twitter avatar. Now that's pretty cool!

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