Illustrations by Jaime G. Wong


Illustration for Hacker Monthly #6

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #6
November's issue of Hacker Monthly magazine had Zed Shaw's "Products for People who make Products for People" as a featured article.

The core idea for the illustration was, quoting from the article: To the Product Person I am a dinosaur. I'm a Long Beard. I'm a guy who makes web servers for fun and gives them away. [...] Second, to them a web server isn't "product", it's infrastructure. It's not even a toilet, it's the rusty pipe that feeds water to the toilet.

So, here's the Long Beard guy and his peers. Since this is about "products," I chose to represent them as furniture sellers -- furniture being the "products for people." Just like a web server is not supposed to be an end product, but infrastructure, the Long Beard sells planks of wood: raw material for furniture.

Following the article, the peers watch him in disdain:

To a Product Person the things I make are laughable. They aren't products because people don't use them, only programmers. To make a good web server you just have to code. There's no design, no usability, no human elements at all. The all superior Product(TM) has design, usability, and is used by humans. "Your web server is just used by geeks and it's just code."

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