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Sketchbook 1 on sale!

Sketchbook 1 on sale!
Important announcement! My Sketchbook 1 is now on sale, all about my digital drawings. It's a 63-pages PDF with sketches, study drawings, discarded ideas, personal drawings and many others never published before on Retrazos.

It's only $3! Cheaper than a pizza! With less fat!

If you pay $5 or more you can request a signed Sketchbook with a written dedication and a quick sketch. So cool!

And the most important thing: with your purchase you help me support my family. Thanks!


Sample pages:


Newsletter wallpaper

Newsletter wallpaper
When you suscribed to the Retrazos Newsletter, you could download a wallpaper in different sizes. I drew this in 2010. Since the Newsletter has been retired, here I show you a cropped version.

Doodle Tuesday: More Ironman!

Doodle Tuesday: More Ironman!
We want more Ironman!
 Illustrations for the RCP Illustrations for the RCP
I had the fabulous opportunity to work on a project with the guys at the Red Cientica Peruana (RCP) to create a website called "" It's an information web with the goal of finding new developers to work for the RCP.

My participation on the project consisted on drawing ten panels illustrating the peculiar selection process. Antonio told me I could draw the candidate as I draw myself on my Journal Comic, so the excitement of the candidate is frank and genuine, because I was really working for the RCP.

Antonio and I were on the same page all the time. Working on a text description of what he wanted on each panel I made some very simple drafts and then proceeded to draw the final artworks.

My process was to draw each panel on paper first, then scan and finally "ink" and color with PaintTool SAI. I used a limited color palette which the guys at the RCP later tweaked for their design. Here's some of them. You can see the final drawings on

First draft.

Pencil and paper.

Final drawing.

First draft.

Pencil and paper.

Final drawing.

Yes, that's Antonio. And yes, they have a pool table at the RCP.

Doodle Tuesday: It's Ironman!

Doodle Tuesday: It's Ironman!

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #46

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #46
"On Hacking" by Richard Stallman was the cover story for Hacker Monthly magazine #46. Cheng Soon sent me a picture of Stallman and I proceeded to do a portrait with a pencil/graphite brush.

Here's a 100% size crop:

In case you're interested on the brush, here are the settings. This is Paint Tool SAI.


Illustration for Hacker Monthly #45

Illustration for Hacker Monthly #45
The main article of the 45th issue of Hacker Monthly magazine was Bitcoin, and Cheng Soon asked me to do an illustration for the cover. It was refreshing to work again for Hacker Monthly... literally! With my wife and daughter we went out for ice cream and sodas while I drew four ideas for the cover. Cheng Soon gave the thumbs up to the first sketch.

The coin was drawn using Paint Tool SAI's vector layers, since Photoshop Elements 2.0 — the reduced version of Photoshop that I own — lacks vectors. All background layers were done with PSE20.

The source code that appears on the upper left is Bitcoin's, src/coins.cpp to be precise.

Oliver asked me if the ones and zeroes at the bottom right had some secret message, but no, they were typed in at random.


Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!



My favorite portable console

My favorite portable console
My favorite portable console is still the Nintendo DS. I'm an unusual player, since I like to play old ZX Spectrum games (Laser Squad!) emulated on the DS with ZXDS. Or Gameboy titles; I particularly enjoyed Metal Gear Solid.
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