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Así Recordaremos Siempre

Journal Comic

I've been drawing a Journal Comic called "Así Recordaremos Siempre" for 14 years since 2003. Wow! Anything goes: trivial, poignant, funny or serious. It's a peek to my life in experimental comic form.


A blog of personal and commissioned illustrations and drawings. I've worked together with Hacker Monthly magazine, Red Científica Peruana, DevAcademy and others to illustrate articles, landing pages and courses.
Welcome! Retrazos is my illustrations, drawings and comics portal.
My name is Jaime G. Wong. I'm from Ica, Peru and I love to draw. When I was a kid I loved to fill notebooks with robots, fighter planes, soldiers and ghostbusters. Drawing is something I've carried with me my entire life.

Contact me at or @jgwong

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