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Welcome to Retrazos
Two half-times
Such a big doll
Reading Dune progress: 13%
On flames
Busy! Sorry!
Current Status: Sick
Pancakes! Yay!
Here's your Jotter now
Here, I found your Jotter!
Lost a Circa disc
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Así Recordaremos Siempre - A Journal Comic drawn since 2003.

Illustrations - My collection of Illustrations and Drawings.

Baragatos - Suggest me a title and I'll draw a quick sketch for you.

One-Offs - Short stories. On hiatus.

Drop Pop - The funny adventures of a group of clueless geeks. On hiatus.

jFriends - Some exercise drawings to practice my anatomy.

The Ant that wanted to Fly - The story of a little ant that dreamt with flight. On hiatus.